25 - 27 Sep 2017

Abu Dhabi National Exhibtion Centre

The Exhibition Venue

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC)

It was designed by an international architecture firm and built in 2008, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC) is the most modern venue in the Middle East. Exhibition, wedding, performance, conference and other various activities can be held at the same time because of its mordern design style and flexible space combination programme can be held at the same time.

ADNEC contains 12 exhibition halls with a net area of 73,000 square meters. Because of the innovative design, there is a large interior corridor before every exhibition hall. The corridor can be linked with the exhibition hall, and the available interior area expand to 180 thousand square meters. With modern IT and stage audio equipments, ADENC can satisfy various occasions, including high-level concerts and banquets.


Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company
Khaleej Al Arabi Street (also known as Coast Road or 30th Street)
P.O. Box 5546 ,Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Coordinates: 24°25'05.84"N - 54°26'12.98"E
Telephone: +971 (0) 2 444 6900
Official website: http://www.adnec.ae

Basic Information:

1.       Vehicles:
Self driving: http://www.adnec.ae/visiting-us/getting-here/travelling-by-car

By plane:    http://www.adnec.ae/visiting-us/getting-here/international-travel
By public transport: http://www.adnec.ae/visiting-us/getting-here/public-transportation

2.       Parking building:

3.       Contact:


  • ADNEC has two on-site car parks with a combined capacity of 6,000.

  • Highly trained personnel are on-site 24 hours a day to assist with traffic management.

  • A full valet service can be provided for VIP visitors.

UAE Taxi

Taxis are readily available from Abu Dhabi International Airport and all hotels around the capital city.

Alternatively they can be pre-booked through:

Al Ain:

Ghazal Transport: +971 (0)2 4447787

National Transport Company: +971 (0)2 6223300

Dubai: Dubai

Transport: +971 (0)4 208 080

By Coach

A deluxe daily coach service runs between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, starting from the Deira bus station in Dubai to the Taxi Stand near Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi stopping at Zayed Sports City near ADNEC.