12 - 14 Dec 2018

Shenzhen Denoway Electronic CO., LTD

Diinowe designs,develops and manufactures innovative high quality accessories for the world’smost popular gadgets. From cases, screen protectors and accessories for iPod,iPhone,iPad, smartphones and tablets to portable speakers, earphones and cablesand power products.

Diinowe engineersare meticulous in their materials selection, and design to enhance or preservethe unmatchable value/costs ratio high-end products.
Made with Simply Convenience and an eye for stylish functionality,Diinowe high-end products are designed to fit your lifestyle.
We are committed to environmental stewardship. Whenever possible, we userecycled and/or naturally bio-degradable materials for packaging and boxing. Inmanufacturing our products, we adhere strictly to RoHS standards which wereenacted to eliminate the use of hazardous substances during production.
Today, Diinowe designs, manufactures and delivers useful and fun solutions forphone users in the Americas, Europe and Asia, through major retailers andonline.