12 - 14 Dec 2018

shenzhen jinhui electronic manufacture co.,ltd

shenzhen jinhui electronic manufacture co.,ltd. was founded in 1996, is a company with more than 10 yearsspecializing in wire production history of Hong Kong enterprises. Currently hasmore than 4,800 square meters of production sites, with advanced productionequipment and sophisticated detection equipment. Leading products areelectronic wire, connector line, plug line DC, V data, digital, computerconfiguration line and other types of wire. The company has passed IS09001:2000 quality system certification, to ensure the quality of product reliabilityand stability. In the "self-improvement, excellence, service first, highquality for this" business philosophy to the interests of customers as theprinciple, based on their own management system to enhance the quality ofstaff, equipment management and other aspects, attention to full training andProduct realization process control, to ensure that the product deliveryperiod, and continuously improve product quality. The company has importedIS014001: 2004 environmental management system, adhering to the principle ofpollution prevention and continuous improvement, in the implementation ofhigh-quality management system and training of high-quality talent to promotethe factory and social development at the same time, "green process"to produce "Green products" to enhance environmental performance andoperational efficiency. The company will uphold the quality policy andenvironmental policy, the implementation of quality commitments andenvironmental management objectives, indicators and programs, customer-centric.Create value service, a total of real estate win together.